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Home is where our story begins…

Avana Spaces is a web and mobile platform that utilizes data and analytics to match and connect real estate agents and companies to potential home buyers and tenants within Kenya.


Hi, We are Avana Spaces

Your ally in all things Property.

  1. Avana Spaces Release Candidate Present

    Recently launched, Avana Spaces is now available to real estate agents, companies and anyone looking to find a home.

  2. Software engineering

    Avana Spaces worked on different web and mobile platforms, iterating through with users, to make publishing and house hunting available to all users.

  3. Company established

    Avana Spaces becomes registered as a legal company based and operating in Kenya.

  1. Avana Spaces conceptualized

    A new and fresh approach to enable real estate agents and companies sell or rent out their property and end users easily find these homes needed to be implemented.

  2. An idea is born

    With the increase in real estate firms and more and more people in Kenya building homes with the aim of leasing or selling, a convenient and sustainable method to ease the process of advertising and finding homes arose.

Our Core Values

At Avana Spaces, our core values drive everything we do, shaping our approach and guiding our interactions with clients. These core values shape our company culture, define our brand, and fuel our commitment to transforming the way people find and advertise properties in Kenya.


Innovation is at the heart of our platform, as we continuously strive to revolutionize the real estate industry through advanced technology and data-driven solutions.


Simplicity is key to our user experience, ensuring that finding and advertising properties is effortless and intuitive.


Trust is paramount in our relationships with customers, as we prioritize transparency, reliability, and the security of their information.


Our customer-centric focus is ingrained in our DNA, as we aim to deliver exceptional service, cater to individual needs, and provide a seamless journey for property seekers and realtors alike.

Talented & Creative Team

A team of strategic thinkers and storytellers who ensure a smooth transition in advertising and finding your next home.

Dan Mwangi

CEO & Founder

Dan drives as well as manage overall operations and resources of the company.

KevinHector Ng'etich

Mobile Applications Engineer

Kevin designs and develops the company's mobile applications in the Android and iOS marketplace.

Audrey Imbuka

Info. & Relations Manager

Audrey oversees flow of information and interactions with customers.

"I am elated to provide these cutting-edge solutions, empowering property seekers and realtors to navigate the real estate market with ease and confidence."

Dan Mwangi Portrait
Dan Mwangi
Avana Spaces, CEO